About our Project

VaxxTracker.com was created by a group of NGO citizens concerned about potential risks associated with vaccinations. During these unprecedented times, various pharmaceutical companies, in partnership with the World Health Organization have fast-tracked several vaccines against the COVID-19 virus.

Standard practice for the development and testing of vaccines often takes years, even decades. In order to expedite the COVID-19 vaccine governments have accelerated the process. Therefore, numerous side effects may surface from this new vaccine.

The purpose for VaxxTracker.com is to provide those who have received any vaccination a safe place to report negative side-effects and assist developers as they work to perfect it. The VaxxTracker web site acts independently from all government, pharmaceutical, or lobbying groups. We represent those who have already received or those who are considering taking taking a vaccination.

VaxxTracker will compile the collected data and present our findings to authorities to better understand and develop safer vaccines. As more data are collected, we will generate and submit reports that reveal patterns and complications as they arise.

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